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Current Role players:

If you are all still out there. I know some of you guys are ;) So we will need to have your help. I am thinking of making new pages. For Norville and my characters. I am thinking maybe changing up some bios, but if you have bios that you WANT to keep with the same storyline…PLEASE write the bio up and send them to me. Just submit them here if you want, or if I say otherwise with the new page. I don’t care if it’s from the bio that’s currently up on the site. Just add a little more if it’s changed. 



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Weekly Task-

Alright guys, to make sure we get everything active. Lets try to hold a conversation again. Haha! I don’t care who you talk with, just make sure the notes get up and over 20. :)

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Alright, lets get this rpg back up and running!

Come join us! :)

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Anonymous said:
I wanna apply but I don't know who to choose. D:

We would love for the Dianna Agron fc to be taken!!! :)

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The old Meredith aka Lexi is going to help admin again. I’ve been hanging out with my grandma and family from a family death, and been worrying about school work and getting ready for the holiday parties that my parents and I host at the house. 

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